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The people that we attach great importance to Today we will take you to

play the game. Playing the Koi Devices for playing coins, coins, baht coins,

or other objects

How to play

Take risks to find players first. Or as agreed By taking the coins into the central pool (gambling)

Before taking risks, players will predict that The coin or coin that was

issued will head or tails. When shaking in the palm of a hand or using

a container If the result is determined, the coin will be awarded or

the agreed amount of money.

Shaking will continue to shake until all the people, if there is still a pool of

money, will start to shake until the central bank runs out. Which does not

need to be organized to play (the dealer) Manipulation may have the first person

 Use two coins to shake or toss. Can be paid to customers who have spiked twice.
Playing the Koi Is a game with a long history Is a game that has been played

since the great-grandmother version, since it is a game that can make people have fun

 Playing the Koi Also result in being a person who thinks, analyzes,

discovers, observes, is good at this part, so you should come and try it with

a simple game style But full of thrill Don’t forget to apply for membership

on our website. Fun is waiting for you to experience it.

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